Important! The Amazon is Burning!

Please Help Us Help the Community of Rio Blanco

Your pre-purchase of handmade WE CARE Cusi + Copiaba soap will immediately and directly help the communities of Rio Blanco.

100 gram bars are $9 each

  • Buy 6, we will include a free Entangled Biome Lip Balm ($6 value)
  • Buy 12, we will include a free Entangled Biome Skin Balm ($12 value)
  • Buy 24, we will include a free Entangled Biome Triple Strength Salve ($39 value)

The soaps are made at the facility of our Bolivian collaborative partner Activa who supports the women of Rio Blanco in the creation of the soaps to serve their own economy.

In the deep forests of the Bolivian Amazon, the Rio Blanco community is suffering the devastating impact of the worst conflagration in decades. Over 4000 hectares of natural forest and homes have already burned, with no end in sight. The women and children of Rio Blanco have been evacuated to a nearby community, while the men remain behind to fight the fire.

The women of this community harvest copaiba, an ancient herbal remedy used to treat wounds and skin conditions thanks to its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Despite their isolation and lack of access to education, the Rio Blanco women have worked with Activa, a certified cosmetic laboratory, to create the brand WE CARE, which produces soaps using the copaiba they wild harvest. This empowers the women from the community in good manufacturing practices, provides them business and administrative training, and allows them to generate an income fifty times greater than simply selling the oils–all while protecting natural resources by increasing their value.

In order to fight for their community, the Rio Blanco women are working to produce an extra volume of WE CARE soap at this time. This will help bring in much needed funds to see to their needs, while also yielding the equally important resource of hope.

At Entangled Biome, we have a unique connection to the people of Rio Blanco. We have had the opportunity to use WE CARE’s soap and are enamored of it. It’s gentle and effective, with zero residue or harsh chemicals. We take skincare and wellness seriously and use copaiba from Rio Blanco in our own formulas (offered as gifts in your purchase of 6, 12, or 24 bars), so we definitely approve of the product itself–and more importantly we approve of the hyper critical mission behind it.

Free Shipping on orders over $75 dollars / Orders will be fulfilled within 30 days.
All proceeds will go directly to WE CARE and the women of Rio Blanco.


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