CBD Pet Wellness Tincture


30ml(1oz) – 600 mg Full Spectrum CBD rich Hemp Oil

59ml(2oz) – 1200 mg Full Spectrum CBD rich Hemp Oil

Made With:

  • Organic Sunflower Oil
  • Full Spectrum Hemp Oil


“Full Spectrum Hemp Oil has positively impacted the quality of our fur baby’s life. It will be part of his daily regimen from now on.”

Pets are important members of our family. As our pets age it is common for us to notice a lack of mobility and loss of energy. Entangled Biome has developed a product to combat these issues and help restore your furry friend back to good health. Safe for all types of pets. Follow dosage instructions on bottle.  Entangled Biome’s  CBD rich full spectrum Pet Wellness Tincture in Organic Sunflower Oil has the power to bring a higher quality of life to you and your pet.


1oz (30ml) 600mg, 2oz (59ml) 1200mg