CBD Pet Wellness Tincture

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30ml(1oz) – 600 mg Full Spectrum CBD rich Hemp Oil

59ml(2oz) – 1200 mg Full Spectrum CBD rich Hemp Oil

Made With:

  • Organic Sunflower Oil
  • Full Spectrum Hemp Oil


“Full Spectrum Hemp Oil has positively impacted the quality of our fur baby’s life. It will be part of his daily regimen from now on.”

Pets are important members of our family. As our pets age it is common for us to notice a lack of mobility and loss of energy. Entangled Biome has developed a product to combat these issues and help restore your furry friend back to good health. Safe for all types of pets. Follow dosage instructions on bottle.  Entangled Biome’s  CBD rich full spectrum Pet Wellness Tincture in Organic Sunflower Oil has the power to bring a higher quality of life to you and your pet.


1oz (30ml) 600mg, 2oz (59ml) 1200mg

3 reviews for CBD Pet Wellness Tincture

  1. CBD4All (verified owner)

    This product has made a huge difference in our Coonhound’s life. He was fearful and extremely uncomfortable in new situations. The first thing we noticed was that he wagged his tail a lot more. He grew much more comfortable meeting people, and going places. And recently, when he was starting to melt down at the start of a long drive, I gave him a dose and he laid down and went to sleep. Thank you, Entangled Biome!

    • jeff ballard

      We’re so glad you found our Pet Tincture helpful. Thanks for the kind words.

  2. Sharon

    This is wonderful stuff. I have a dog who was born with the less helpful traits that go with the blue merle gene. He is deaf, does not see very well but the hardest for him to deal with is his nervous system does not work right. The CBD Pet Wellness Tincture really helps his nervous system and is slowing down the deterioration that aging brings. I give it to all 5 of my animals, they are small so it only takes a drop or two with each meal, very affordable for the results.

  3. Julie Fullmer (verified owner)

    I have a diabetic cat, he is on insulin but he wasn’t getting back to his old self after the rapid decline in his health. He has always been very loving and would purr all the time. He stopped purring and became very lethargic. He did not want to cuddle. After a good week on the CBD oil, he has gotten back to purring and being lovey. I’m very thankful as I was on the fence with possibly having to put him down because he was suffering so much. He is still on insulin but without the CBD he would not be doing so well.

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