As we learn more about Hemp’s impressive efficacy in fighting Covid in its many variants, a study from UChicago Medicine posits that CBD may prevent the virus from replicating. 

Researchers studied the effect of Covid on lung tissue that had been exposed to CBD, initially hoping that CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties would block the secondary phase of Covid and its accompanying immune response. Instead, they saw that CBD prevented Covid from replicating in the exposed tissue. This was true of the original Covid strain as well as three of its variants.

Additionally, the team found a marked correlation of negative Covid results and CBD usage in a sample of patients taking CBD for epilepsy. Testing on mice showed that pretreatment with CBD for one week suppressed Covid infection. 

While CBD does not have CBDA’s potential to block the virus from entering cells, CBD’s activation of cellular stress responses and generation of anti-viral proteins can effectively block replication even six hours after the virus has entered the body. 

The researchers stress that not all CBD is created equal when it comes to Covid: Edibles, flower, and pens do not deliver the proper purity or dose. As more research emerges on Hemp’s ability to prevent and treat Covid, we will be here to offer insights on how to best support your wellness. 


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