Whether you’re making a dinner salad or doing the laundry, organic options are now more readily available than ever before. That’s something to celebrate: The less exposure we get to harsh chemicals, growth hormones, and unnecessary antibiotics, the better! In the same way that it’s important with your food or beauty products, organic matters when it comes to the CBD industry. The quality of your CBD is dependent on the quality of the hemp from which it’s extracted–so if organic hemp is a choice, why use anything else?

Organic hemp is the foundation of Entangled Biome's Full Spectrum Hemp Oil.

Organic Hemp at Entangled Biome

Because we are committed to your wellness, we source our hemp from a USDA certified-organic farm located about forty miles outside of Eugene. This particular farm has held the distinction of being certified-organic for over three decades–an impressive track record that we know we can trust. 

When we started Entangled Biome in 2017, we visited the farm to get a feel for the quality of their organic hemp. Simply put, it’s outstanding: The difference from being sun-grown according to strict certified-organic standards is apparent even at a glance. With such an excellent biomass to work with, we knew we’d be able to extract the finest Full Spectrum Hemp Oil possible–and we’ve been doing so for almost three years now.

Why Choose Organic Hemp?

Because hemp is a bio-accumulator, it is of utmost importance to totally avoid pesticides, heavy metals, and other contaminants. The only way to absolutely guarantee that is to use certified-organic hemp, which we do for all of our locally crafted products.

While many farms may claim to use organic practices, if the land itself isn’t clean then neither is the crop that comes out of it. When you use a tincture or salve that has been made with tainted hemp, you’re putting those contaminants directly into your system.

We know you’re trusting us with your health, so we absolutely insist on working with sources that we in turn can fully trust. That’s especially true of our organic hemp, whether you’re using a CBD-rich Bath Fizzy or giving your aging dog our Pet Wellness Tincture. 

Your Wellness Is Worth It

We want you to shop our full range of products with confidence. If you’re using a CBD Wellness Tincture to treat an existing condition, we do not want to complicate your wellness journey with the addition of any unwelcome chemicals or compounds. Similarly with our salves and bath products, we want you to relax knowing there’s no harsh additives that will irritate your skin. We choose organic hemp with these considerations in mind and extract our Full Spectrum Hemp Oil with the utmost care.

There are plenty of CBD companies that claim their product is made with hemp that is grown organically–but if they aren’t using certified-organic hemp, there is always the possibility of contaminants or toxins. Remember: As a bio-accumulator, hemp will absorb anything in the soil around it. This means that even with good growing practices, a crop being grown on contaminated land is itself contaminated.

Transparent + Organic

With so many options for CBD products, we urge to too look for transparency.

When you look into the hemp a company is using, the information should be clear and easy to find. You shouldn’t have to struggle to answer simple questions about the product, whether you’re curious about the ingredients used or the extraction process. 

We believe that open communication should be a given, in addition to informational clarity. That’s why you can directly speak with our founding experts if you have questions about our certified-organic hemp, in-house extracted Full Spectrum Hemp Oil, or CBD-rich products. 

From our locally sourced hemp to the plethora of fungi we work with, certified-organic is our priority–because your wellness is our top concern. Shop today with the confidence that you’re getting only the best in premium Full Spectrum Hemp Oil products.


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