Our Oregon CBD is sourced from locally grown hemp that is certified organic.

From wellness tinctures to bath treats, CBD products have grown dramatically in both popularity and availability. You can pick up a salve in many grocery stores or have items shipped directly to your door. The convenience and variety allow you to readily make CBD part of every aspect of your daily routine. What’s more, thanks to Entangled Biome, you can get Oregon CBD–even if you’re not in the Pacific Northwest!

Oregon CBD from Organic Hemp

On our previous blog, we discussed our use of certified-organic hemp. This hemp is sun-grown in Oregon soil that has been organic for over three decades. It is free of pesticides, heavy metals, and harsh chemicals. 

The quality of our hemp is one of the things that makes our Oregon CBD so outstanding. As a bioaccumulator, hemp picks up anything in the surrounding soil–which means that hemp grown in soil that has been sprayed with pesticides even in the past can be tainted. But because the hemp we use is organic, our CBD-rich Full Spectrum Hemp Oil provides you with only the synergistic benefits of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavanoids–with no harsh chemicals to interfere with mother nature’s mix.

Made in Oregon

Considering where hemp is sourced from is important–but equally as important is where it is processed. Our Oregon CBD is a product of the Pacific Northwest through and through: We extract Full Spectrum Hemp Oil ourselves in Eugene, after personally taking delivery of the hemp and inspecting it for quality.

Extraction is an intense process that requires time, care, and attention. It’s a job we take very seriously–so seriously, in fact, that our co-founder and extraction expert oversees every step. Each drop of CBD-rich Full Spectrum Hemp Oil is extracted in our lab according to strict protocols, ensuring a consistently outstanding experience every time you use one of our products.

In addition to in-house Full Spectrum Hemp Oil extraction, we also prep our other organic ingredients at our Eugene location and create our unique blends. When you stop by the shop, you just might catch us hand-shaping our special edition Valentine’s Day Bath Fizzies, processing organic Lion’s Mane for a new tincture, or filling tins with CBD-rich salve.

We are proud to be rooted in Oregon soil. From using locally sourced hemp to personally crafting the industry’s finest wellness products in Eugene, we are thrilled to bring you Oregon CBD in a variety of premium products.

Tinctures and Topicals, Powered by Oregon CBD

Our small-batch approach is part of our commitment to quality craftsmanship. Whether you’re picking up our products at a local business or shopping directly from our website, we want you to know that you’re getting an artisan product powered by genuine Oregon CBD. Built on the best foundation that mother nature can provide, our premium wellness products can help you elevate your bliss.

We’ll be going into our unique extraction process in an upcoming blog, so stay tuned to learn more about why our Oregon CBD is so special.


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