Though it might feel like defeat to admit it, Covid-19 has forever altered the way we interact with each other and the world around us. Never again will an outbreak be viewed as a distant possibility in the modern world: We now understand the devastating reality. 

For many of us, Covid-19 has primarily caused social,  psychological, and/or financial damage. For many others, the impact was physical—a bad cough, time spent in intensive care, a slow road to feeling well again.

While some have been able to fully recover from a Covid-19 infection, a growing segment of the population (approximately 30% of patients according to the University of Washington) now suffers from what is commonly known as “long-haul Covid.” 

Long-Haul Covid Symptoms

Also known as long-term or post-acute Covid, long-haul Covid impacts a significant number of patients who have recovered from their initial respiratory battle. Long haulers are faced with a wide range of symptoms that affect multiple systems—and that in turn may severely limit quality of life. 

Symptoms can be grouped into several main categories:

  • Neuropsychiatric: fatigue, headaches, anxiety, brain fog, cognitive impairment, PTSD, dizziness, depression, memory loss
  • Pulmonary/Respiratory: shortness of breath, persistent cough
  • Cardiac: chest pain
  • Renal: kidney dysfunction

Other possible manifestations of long-haul Covid include dry mouth, loss of smell/taste, even diabetes. More symptoms are being discovered as new variants emerge. 

Asymptotic Covid Patients: At Risk

If you were asymptotic with a positive Covid-19 diagnosis, you are still at risk of developing long-haul symptoms. This is particularly troubling: Initially, the goal was to avoid a prolonged stay in the intensive care unit, but now there is an urgent need to avoid mild or even asymptotic cases in order to retain full health. 

I Have Long-Haul Covid—Now What?

Some long-haul symptoms resolve on their own within a few weeks. Most patients end up recovering their sense of taste/smell, for example, even if those disappeared long after an initial infection. 

Other symptoms require ongoing intervention, as when an individual requires long-term oxygenation to combat dyspnea (labored breathing). 

In between the mildly annoying symptoms and conditions requiring immediate medical aid, there exists a plethora of long-haul symptoms that patients don’t know exactly what to do with. Persistent headaches? You can only compromise your well-being with over-the-counter pain relievers for so long before your kidneys protest. Depression? Anxiety? Insomnia? A psychiatrist can provide prescriptions to address the many mental/emotional symptoms of long-haul Covid—yet as with all pharmaceutical options, those come with a downside and only provide passing relief. 

Naturopathic Treatments for Long-Haul Covid

Whether driven by doubts about pharmaceuticals or a desire for a sustainable solution, many long-haul Covid sufferers are looking for naturopathic answers.

Medicinal mushrooms exist in a unique space as a “botanical pharmaceutical,” if you will—though, strictly speaking, they are not plants. Mushrooms are natural adaptogens, which means they give our bodily systems the ability to adapt and overcome the effects of daily stress. 

Long-haul Covid can cause tremendous stress on both physical and mental health. From PTSD as the result of a hospital stay to debilitating brain fog, the multitudinous symptoms are directly impacting people’s ability to function and thrive in their day-to-day lives. 

Medicinal mushrooms may offer significant relief to the sufferers of long-haul symptoms—relief that is completely natural, with zero negative impacts on one’s bodily functions and zero risk of dependency. (It’s important to note that fungi allergies do exist, in which case an individual can experience an adverse reaction.)

We have written in the past about the marvelous benefits of mushrooms—and you can read more of our thoughts here. Today, we would like to help you discover curated relief for your long-haul concerns by sharing some insights on three of our most popular tinctures. 

Energy + Immunity

Fatigue is one of the most common long-haul symptoms. Physical and mental fatigue can lead to brain fog, memory loss, a reduced capacity for exercise, etc.—all of which in turn can cascade into other conditions that can seriously impact your ability to enjoy life. 

Our Energy + Immunity Wellness Tincture is designed to provide a daily boost, both to one’s general energy levels and to one’s immune system:

  • Packed with triterpenoids, polysaccharides, and peptidoglycans, Reishi can fight off the fatigue associated with long-haul Covid. 
  • Reishi has additionally been shown to stimulate white blood cell formation and fight inflammation, which can help keep you from getting further run down as you work towards wellness. 
  • Chaga similarly provides anti-inflammatory benefits, but more importantly it is reported to have anti-viral properties. For those who continue to test positive for Covid weeks after their initial infection, Chaga may help turn the tide. 
  • Cordyceps mushrooms may be the most important fungus in this blend in the case of long-haul Covid: Cordyceps is believed to increase the production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), which is responsible for delivering energy to our muscles. This means Cordyceps can have a major impact on muscle fatigue and recovery. 
  • Additionally, Cordyceps can increase maximum oxygen intake. As this may improve the efficacy of oxygen use and lung function specifically, Cordyceps can potentially help those suffering from shortness of breath.
  • Turkey Tail mushrooms are full of antioxidants, prebiotics, and polysaccharides. These properties can bolster the immune system by stimulating healthy gut bacteria.
  • Hemp-derived CBD in this blend can fight inflammation and reduce stress. 

Calm + Focus

Many of the persistent symptoms of long-haul Covid are mental and emotional, such as cognitive impairment, depression, and anxiety. Left unchecked, these conditions can lead to issues at work and home alike. 

Our Calm + Focus Wellness Tincture can make a major difference for a variety of mental and emotional symptoms, thanks to the Lion’s Mane mushroom:

  • Full of bioactive compounds that can impact a number of systems, Lion’s Mane can provide both clarity and tranquility
  • The hericenones and erinacines found in Lion’s Mane can stimulate the growth of brain cells; as a result, Lion’s Mane can potentially combat memory loss and other cognitive issues. 
  • Studies also show Lion’s Mane may stimulate nerve growth and repair. 
  • Its anti-inflammatory properties may help alleviate symptoms like depression and anxiety. 
  • This blend features an extra measure of CBDA, which offers intensely calming benefits and can even combat nausea. 

Rest + Renew

A good night’s rest can be truly restorative. Whether you are suffering from physical fatigue or emotional malaise, consistent sleep can help tip the scales back in the favor of wellness. 

Our Rest + Renew Tincture is a curated blend of sleep-inducing herbs and medicinal mushrooms. R+R can help with sleep in general, it’s true—but the mushrooms in this blend offer additional benefits for those dealing with long-haul Covid:

  • Shiitake may improve heart health, thanks to cholesterol-fighting eritadenine, sterols, and beta glucans. This can potentially benefit individuals experiencing chest pain. 
  • Shiitake additionally offers immune support, which can help your body recover naturally. 
  • Maitake likewise supports immune health and may combat viruses. 
  • For those experiencing issues with diabetes as a result of long-haul Covid, Maitake can regulate glucose levels. 
  • R+R also features Reishi and Lion’s Mane, which offer the above elucidated benefits. 
  • As an added bonus, adaptogenic Lavender, Chamomile, Passionflower, and Helichrysum can help improve the quality of your sleep.  

Long-Haul Relief

While certain symptoms of long-haul Covid require medical intervention, many others can be directly relieved through the use of functional mushrooms. We are committed to providing naturopathic options that provide measurable aid without the drawbacks associated with pharmaceutical aids, whether you are a dedicated believer in plant-based wellness or simply can’t stomach another prescription/OTC medication. 

As long as our world is fighting to adapt to the new normal and overcome Covid-19 and its lingering effects, Entangled Biome will be here to empower your goals. 


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