Our new line of SweeTinctures is an innovation in delivery and ingredients, providing botanicals, adaptogens, and mushrooms in a metabolite form by a non-alcoholic fermentation. These 100% soluble tinctures are designed to empower you at every step of your day. 

  • Shift your system into high gear with our Elevate + Empower SweeTincture.
  • Invigorate your wellness routine with our Energy + Immunity SweeTincture.
  • Dispel mental fog with a few drops of our Belly + Brain SweeTincture.
  • Get some support fighting procrastination with our Helping Hand SweeTincture.
  • Try our Calm + Focus SweeTincture to discover unmatched clarity.
  • Sink into a night of truly refreshing sleep with our Rest + Renew SweeTincture.

Whether you want to try your favorite tincture in a sweeter form or you want to add on to your wellness routine, we invite you to try something new with this exciting line of specially crafted, adaptogenic products.


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